The BACS Report 2017

Delving into the detail of CSR strategies is like opening a Kinder Surprise Egg.

An extract from the BACS Good Business Egg Awards Programme and Report on 2016, to read the whole article click on the link below.

2016 showed there was no ‘one size fits all’ formula adopted by all.

The most interesting and impactful CSR strategies focused on a number of key areas, not necessarily linked to each other.

Some businesses had programmes running under 2, or even 3, of the CSR categories. It isn’t only the target group and purpose that varies, but also the delivery.

For example, some choose to give money to support community activity, others offer products and resource to help communities achieve goals, and still more encourage others to be generous.

All three of Spark’s flagship CSR programmes focus on enabling their communities, both internal and external, to give to others.

Countdown’s win of the Health and Wellbeing category reflected the breadth and depth of their investment in a diverse range of CSR initiatives.

On the upside, several businesses received comments about having a ‘scattergun’ approach to CSR which potentially led to watered down impact and effectiveness.

BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2017 (PDF)

Vincents logo

Vincents Art Workshop is the go-to- place, we found that out at the BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2017

The go-to place in Wellington, for so many people as Vincents Art Workshop is a place of learning and creativity, which contributes to healthy communities.

The Warehouse wins


Vincents Art Workshop is the oldest Creative Space in New Zealand.  It was established in in 1985 when the mental health institutions were closing down and people were moving into their local communities.

Some of the people moving into the Wellington community had been involved with art activities in Porirua Hospital in the early 1980’s.

They wanted to continue to be creatively self-expressive when they left the hospital but they didn’t want to sign up for the established art schools.  Two social workers from the Inner City Ministry noticed this need and set up Vincents as an Incorporated Society.  Read more

The BACS Pile of Bricks Award 2017 presented at the BACS Good Business Egg Awards in Wellington

The BACS Living Award 2017 was presented to Countdown, The Warehouse and ANZ in Wellington.

Julia at ANZOur tikanga within BACS

Sharing: We encourage our members to share with each other. Business has resources and tools they can share. Community can share their rich resource of community knowledge and wisdom. Our events and website maintain the need to connect and share between us. Read more

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An invitation to an exhibition of works "Connect" which celebrates Mental Health Awareness Week

You are warmly invited to an exhibition of works –“Connect” – which celebrates Mental Health Awareness Week. 

All the works by Vincents artists and patients from Te Whare o Matairangi at Wellington Hospital are themed  on connecting or connection. 

This is the first joint (connected!) exhibition in our gallery with works from both these groups of artists!!!

Please help us to celebrate!  All welcome! 

5.30pm Wednesday 9 October

Vincents Gallery

Level 4, 84 Willis Street



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Vincents artists are excited to have been invited to exhibit works in Masterton

Timothy Matagi













‘Electric Colour Simulator Rainbow Room’ by Timothy Matagi

King Street, Masterton Show 

Vincents artists are excited to have been invited to exhibit work at King Street Artworks in Masterton during Kokomai Creative Festival.

King St Artworks was set up by Vincents sixteen years ago and operates with the same philosophy of inclusion as Vincents.

The opening function for the show – ‘Flights of Fancy from Vincents’ will be on the 1st October. More details will follow.. Website: