'BACS 2018 The Business of Sharing' by our chair Heather Newell

Heather Newell Chair of BACS provides a look back over 2017 and BACS 2018 The Business of Sharing.


What is BACS about?

BACS is here to recognise the corporates who believe that corporate social responsibility is a vital part of running a successful business and a key driver of a healthy economy. AND to demonstrate that our society is a better place to live, if corporates and the charitable sector work together to resolve issues and challenges. To explain to our non- members and readers, BACS stands for Business and Community Shares. Perhaps the most important letter in that is S for Shares, for sharing. Neither side of the equation can work alone – to get the most benefit for the community – we must SHARE.

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Being more strategic about corporate/non profit relationships

By Heather Newell

I had a call from a senior manager at a national insurance company recently and he asked how he could develop a relationship with an animal charity that went beyond painting old buildings or tidying up. His staff are much more intellectually focused than physically focused, work long hours but want to offer a meaningful contribution.

My answer was that he could be much more strategic about the way he could help the charity and some suggestions included:

  • Inviting key staff or volunteers into his office to learn something by sitting alongside a corporate manager (e.g. marketing, comms, accounting, sales)
  • Inviting the charity staff to attend training workshops alongside corporate staff
  • Making a room available for board meetings
  • Lending the charity a pool vehicle (especially over a weekend when you are not using it)
  • Raising money for the charity by holding staff functions, raffles
  • If staff fundraise then offer matched gifts and payroll giving
  • Donate products and services for auctions
  • Offer access to your technology (webmeeting software for example)
  • Invite them to listen to your keynote speaker at your annual conference
  • Share supplier discounts and ask your suppliers to support the charity
  • When you upgrade, throw in an extra item and donate it to the charity
  • Donate airpoints

I also suggested that he might want to think about how he describes his support for the charity. Don’t focus so much on exactly what you have provided. It doesn’t sound very significant to proclaim that you provide a nice room for board meetings. Instead focus on the outcomes.

“When Charity xx makes its most important decisions, we’re proud to say that they make those decisions at our office!”

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Heather Newell

Strategic Grants appoints New Zealand representative

Foresee Communications, a leading fundraising consultancy, has been appointed the New Zealand agent for Australia-based company Strategic Grants, which builds the capacity of nonprofit organisations to be strategic and effective in their grant-seeking and service delivery.

The appointment makes Strategic Grants’ customised Grants Calendars and online grants management system, the Grants Hub, available to New Zealand nonprofits.

Foresee’s Director Heather Newell said the relationship was a logical extension in activities for her agency, which already provides fundraising services across all areas to its New Zealand-based nonprofit and charity clients.

“Philanthropic funders in particular are becoming much more strategic in their grant making,” said Heather, “so it’s important that grant applicants understand the philosophies, the accountabilities required and the extent of the relationships expected by those who make grants.” Read more

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Meet Heather the Fundraising Fixer, our latest BACS blogger

Debunking the small change myth.

I hate the word “little”. It suggests there is something wrong with “a lot”. My particular concern is when I hear the world “little” applied to charity, philanthropy or fundraising. In this context little usually means “give a little”, “give some small change from your pocket”, or the one that really gets me going “if everyone just gave a small donation”.

What is wrong with “think big”, “if everyone gave a lot”, or “stretch yourself”!

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Test your fundraising personality

Heather Newell of Foresee Communications has been advising charities and NFP’s on fundraising for many years. Here, she offers a light hearted quiz to see how you are managing.

Are you an A Student? Test your fundraising readiness in this quick quiz:

My experience of fundraising is

a)    Diploma in sausage sizzles

b)    Masters in door knocking

c)    I always do the asking

d)    It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it  Read more

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Corporate social responsibility: is your charity missing out?

As corporates are initiating corporate social responsibility programmes, it’s becoming more and more important for charities to keep a good record of payroll gifts and volunteering, and match these us with the employer policy on matched giving and volunteering.

Telecom for example has corporate social responsibility policy that rewards the charities that are supported by its own staff.

While every employer will have a different policy on payroll giving, some are more positive about the value to the company than others. Some enlightened employers will see payroll giving as an opportunity to build employee loyalty and match the donations of their staff. Others will make donations to organisations where staff are volunteering and some will simply allow staff to take time out from the working week. Read more

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Conquering sales phobia: advice from expert Heather Newell

As a volunteer fundraiser you’re going to have to sell something to someone at some time. It can be great fun, a good way to meet your neighbours, a personal challenge, and a very satisfying learning experience.

To create a calm process out of chaos we recommend you use a script and while some love ‘em and some hate ‘em, it is proven by the world’s best salespeople to be the way to go.

If you are a nervous seller, then a script is the tool to calm your nerves, gain confidence and foresee a positive outcome.  Read more