The BACS Social Index is a simple tool highlighting responsible businesses in New Zealand

The BACS Good Business Egg Awards takes businesses recognised by New Zealand communities for good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity through a process of evaluation to determine who comes up the best. 

How the BACS Social Index began.


The BACS Good Business Egg Awards work as an independent process capturing activity that is acknowledged by communities as being great CSR initiatives, rather than business promotions.

Business activities are categorised into 3 areas: Education and Skills; Health and Wellbeing; and Community Empowerment.

This process identifies what is considered successful by community standards of CSR in New Zealand, providing real, grassroots commentary on the complex nature of CSR, made sometimes more complicated by some businesses, with slick marketing messages and poor reporting.

Having hosted 4 years’ worth of Awards we noticed the same businesses bubbling to the top each year. Using this process has built up a story about how each business’s philosophy and culture supports positive and effective CSR activity that is valued by the communities they partner with. Read more

golden egg

Winners of the Good Business Egg Awards 2014 announced

The winners of the Good Business Egg Awards 2014 were announced at a special presentation hosted at the KPMG Centre in Auckland last night.

The Hon. Jo Goodhew Minister of The Community and Voluntary Sector spoke at the event in support of business commitment to New Zealand communities.

Business and community leaders attended the ceremony where community leaders presented three business organisations a Good Business Egg Award of New Zealand.

Over the past year, seventy-nine businesses had been put through their paces on their commitment to the community without their knowledge, as surveys and questionnaires were collected as well as a judging panel for each category.

Shaun Sutton, CEO of Teach First presented the award for education to the Department of Conservation (DOC) for their outstanding work in educating New Zealanders through the environment.

Funding Manager of HELP, Kathryn Michie handed the health award to CQHotels Wellington for their contribution to community health.  It was noted that good health is paramount to CQ and they have connected with local organisations to work with disabled peoples.

The Warehouse won the community empowerment category. The award was presented by Richard Aston, CEO of Big Buddy who quoted a panelist comment  “The Warehouse makes no bones about it, they are committed to major social issues in NZ. “ Read more

The Stanley East Company

The good, the not-so-good and the inspirational; Three good business eggs nominated

A survey on Disability in the Workplace as part of diversity in corporate social responsibility.

Three Good Eggs

Who were the three good eggs?

Three companies nominated as ‘good business eggs’ for top ratings in their policy-making on disability in the workplace, openness to change and innovation, and showing a greater awareness of what could be achieved by improving diversity.

Twenty companies were surveyed by The Stanley East Company in 2013 to gain knowledge on how NZ business directs their approaches to recruiting and retaining staff with disabilities. Businesses included SME’s through to large global corporates to provide a useful snapshot of differing approaches across varied industries, types of companies, and locations. Read more

Kiwi Karma

Kiwi Karma joins forces with three other BACS members

New accommodation/charity website Kiwi Karma, got into the BACS spirit of supporting one another when they put together a competition to launch their new website.

The prize was a $1,000 weekend in Wellington, and included contributions from three other BACS members. CQ Hotels Wellington put up a room for a weekend with breakfast, Logan Brown donated a restaurant voucher, and Zealandia a family pass.

The competition attracted 988 entries, and was won by Michelle Woodyard from Auckland. With the calibre of the prizes we are sure she will have a really great time.

Kiwi Karma is booking good business in a market where 46,000 rooms are available each night in hotels and motels. The unique point of difference,  is that 3% of the room rate is donated to a charity of the traveller’s choice, including Forest and Bird who is a BACS community member.

This is a fantastic way for businesses to support their community at no extra cost to them.

CQ Hotels Wellington

CQ Hotels Wellington works in partnership with local artist Fraser Hoffe

Breaking out of the frame

Fraser Hoffe

Fraser Hoffe at CQHotels Wellington 

“I avoid straight lines,” says artist Fraser Hoffe. “To me, framing a photo or artwork restricts the imagination and suggests captivity or ownership. I don’t frame my works because I want people to explore ideas and break out of the frame.”

With “Journey”, a sculpture commissioned by CQ Hotels Wellington, Fraser used 100 metres of number 8 wire to form the structure of the work. He then wrapped the wire in paper, hardened it with Shellak varnish, and painted the swirls and loops in fluropaint.

“The hotel lobby is a space with glass, steel and straight lines,” Fraser explains. “I wanted to soften the space and use the natural light to provide something intriguing for visitors.

“I also wanted something that speaks of Wellington. The swirls and loops reflect the hills and harbour, the winding roads and the city skyline. Read more


The winners of the Good Business Eggs in New Zealand Awards 2013 are announced

Egg throwing at the Good Business Eggs Awards 2013

A little bit of egg throwing by enthusiastic winners, Minister Jo Goodhew and BACS!

New Zealand’s best business “good eggs” were announced last night at a special function at the Department of Conservation in Wellington.

From sixty -six businesses the nine finalists lined up to hear who was to take a Good Business Egg award of New Zealand.

Only three were awarded as the ‘very best’ by community organisations surveyed over the past year with a line up of some of the country’s largest companies alongside some small and medium enterprises.

Business and Community Shares (BACS) was launched at the same event, a hub for community and business to share resources and skills.

Founder Julie Donvin-Irons said she was delighted with the response to the event with real interest from a great many organisations.

The Hon. Jo Goodhew Minister of The Community and Voluntary Sector presented the awards to the three winners; BNZ Bank, USave and Vodafone.

The event was sponsored by the Stanley East Company and Cadbury.

The runners up were: Contact Energy, CQ Hotels Wellington, Fonterra, Genesis Energy, NZPost, ANZ Bank.

Photo by Neil Mckenzie.