The BACS Report 2017

Delving into the detail of CSR strategies is like opening a Kinder Surprise Egg.

An extract from the BACS Good Business Egg Awards Programme and Report on 2016, to read the whole article click on the link below.

2016 showed there was no ‘one size fits all’ formula adopted by all.

The most interesting and impactful CSR strategies focused on a number of key areas, not necessarily linked to each other.

Some businesses had programmes running under 2, or even 3, of the CSR categories. It isn’t only the target group and purpose that varies, but also the delivery.

For example, some choose to give money to support community activity, others offer products and resource to help communities achieve goals, and still more encourage others to be generous.

All three of Spark’s flagship CSR programmes focus on enabling their communities, both internal and external, to give to others.

Countdown’s win of the Health and Wellbeing category reflected the breadth and depth of their investment in a diverse range of CSR initiatives.

On the upside, several businesses received comments about having a ‘scattergun’ approach to CSR which potentially led to watered down impact and effectiveness.

BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2017 (PDF)

Congratulations to Countdown who have now been acknowledged with a BACS Good Business Egg Award 2 years running

BACS Good Business Egg Award for Health and Wellbeing 2017

CountdownCongratulations to Countdown who have now been acknowledged with a BACS Good Business Egg Award 2 years running.

Their commitment to health includes a wide range of activity, including the Alzheimers project.

Alzheimers Project

Countdown supports Alzheimers New Zealand’s annual appeal. The not-for-profit organisation offers practical support to people living with the condition, as well as their carers and family.

The 2016 Appeal encourages customers to donate at checkouts, or purchase Southern Kitchen / Countdown Lamingtons with a portion of proceeds being donated to Alzheimers NZ.

Countdown has supported the Alzheimers New Zealand Appeal for more than 13 years and has helped raise $1.5 million during this period. In 2015 more than $30,000 was raised, which was used to support the 50,000 New Zealanders living with dementia.

“Alzheimers seems to be a straight cause related marketing campaign. This has some credit in the CSR bank due to the longevity of the campaign – on the road to iconic!” BACS Panelist 2017.

The BACS Panels are made up of community leaders who comment and provide scores. Runners up were The Warehouse and KPMG.

Bacs desk

BACS Team working hard over the summer to find BACS Good Business Eggs for Easter 2017

Working hard over the summer to find Good Business Eggs for Easter 2017.

BACS Good Business Eggs are beginning their quest to find the fifth annual winners for 2017. And over the summer period the long process of checking and verifying what business has invested in the community over the past year is being completed for the 5th annual awards in April.

Last year Contact Energy, KPMG and Countdown were winners at a superb evening kindly hosted by The Warehouse in Auckland.

As is stands the long roll is now down to a ‘medium list’ of 46 businesses and those that have been considered in this independent process are now under some scrutiny.

Julie Donvin-Irons Director of BACS says “Our next step now is to provide the panelists of community leaders with the information to appraise each business on their community investment, this will provide valuable insights which is good for all concerned.”

Once the panellists consider who is best in each of the three categories, Health, Education and Community Empowerment the BACS Good Business Egg Awards will be presented in Wellington whereby BACS members and the general public can attend to find out who becomes a “Good Egg” and who wins the BACS Living Award.

In alphabetical order:       

Air New Zealand, Annah Stretton, ANZ, ASB, Auckland Airport, Ballance Agri-Nutrients, Bell Gully, BNZ,  Broadspectrum, Bunnings, Chorus, Coca Cola, Contact Energy, Countdown, CQ Hotels Wellington, Datacom, DB Breweries, Deloitte, Fonterra, Fuji Xerox, Genesis Energy, Hubbards, IAG, IBM, Kiwibank, KPMG, Microsoft, New World, Noel Leeming, NZAS, NZ Rugby, NZ Post, Ricoh, Sanford, Sealord,  Skycity, Spark, TSB, Two Degrees, Unitec, Vodafone, Westpac, Westfield, The Warehouse, Z Energy, Zespri.

CQ Hotels Wellington

On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me 3 awesome awards led by a French man!

“On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me…

… three awesome awards led by a French man!


As 2016 draws to an end, we wish you the season of warmth, joy and good cheer with season’s greetings and best wishes for 2017.

It’s been a wonderful year for the team at CQ Hotels Wellington winning two awards at the NZSL Awards 2016 for Accessible Service and Accessible Employer plus the 2016 Wellington Gold Award for Team Gold – so not  quite ‘Three French Hens’ but ‘Three awesome awards led by a French man’.

Merry Christmas everyone from Olivier Lacoua (the French man) and all his team!

JDI 2014

BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2015 short list announced

BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2015 short list announced

The 2015 short list comprises of 20 NZ businesses considered as good business eggs. A total of 17 community leaders on the judging panel are currently sifting through reports and indications of business good practise in the community.  This year a kokako ‘virtual’ egg will be part of the awards to the three winning businesses.

“Although we don’t know yet who will win the three awards we do know that this year it has been more difficult as the initial list has grown by 30 percent.

“And there is now a greater understanding by community leaders of what is expected in good corporate social responsibility which has made the scoring more challenging” said Julie Donvin-Irons Director of Business and Community Shares (BACS).

The past year provided 97 business names through questionnaires and feedback from community organisations. The first round brought the number down to 53 companies that were then observed through their own reporting, media and comments from charities. Read more

CQ Hotels Wellington

BACS Chats with Olivier Lacoua of CQ Hotels Wellington

 A BACS Chat with Olivier GM of CQ Hotels in Wellington about the work they do within the community.

What drives you to be involved in the local community?

The hotel has been involved with local communities since its inception in 1907 when it was first known as ‘The People’s Palace’ and we take great pride in our ongoing relationship with local organisations, striving to follow in the footsteps of the Salvation Army and its great work in the community when it ran the hotel.

We are particularly passionate about working with local organisations to improve accessibility and inclusiveness for disabled peoples. As a result, CQ Hotels Wellington was the first hotel in New Zealand to be rated by the BE.ACCESSIBLE organisation for its accessibility to and within the hotel, as well as the first hotel to the country to offer its staff sign language training so that they are able to effectively communicate with deaf guests. Read more

CQ Hotels Wellington

We're delighted to have CQ Hotels Wellington upgrade to BACS Premier membership

We’re delighted to have CQ Hotels in Wellington upgrade to BACS Premier membership.

The programmes and awards that CQ have been involved with:

Wellington Firebirds:  We are big cricket fans. We are therefore very proud to be one of the commercial partners of Wellington Cricket. Be sure to see if the Wellington Firebirds have a game on in town while you’re here. It’s a fantastic day out for the whole family!

Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards 2013 Finalist: The awards recognise the valuable contribution of volunteers to community groups across the Wellington Region, across five categories – Art & Culture, Education & Child Youth Development, Health & Wellbeing, Heritage & Environment and Sport & Leisure. Read more

CQ Hotels Wellington

We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received after the award was announced says Olivier Lacoua

We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received after the award was announced. Especially against such large corporate organisations i.e Warehouse, Westpac, to name a few…

CQ and their eggs

It is good to be recognised by the community businesses we were nominated by, working with such organisations helps not only our business but our team who were inspired by receiving the award.

We hope that CQ Hotels Wellington wining the health award encourages other businesses to work with their local communities to support and learn off them for the greater good of both parties.

Organisations such as Be. Accessible and Arts Access Aotearoa have assisted us with working towards becoming the most accessible hotel with initiative like NZ Sign language training, Braille restaurant menu and fully accessible facilities to provide for all of our guests.

CQ Hotels Wellington support arts for the disabled as part of their community empowerment strategy.  We are proud to be one of the major sponsors of the Art Access Aotearoa Awards for the last three years which are presented annually in Parliament.

To celebrate and acknowledge the award with our team, we threw confetti of Carbury Creme Eggs into the air at our monthly staff meeting.

We also took a staff picture with the award. For our guests, we wrote a personalised letter that was placed in every hotel room explaining about the award and inviting them to reception to collect a complimentary Crème Egg to celebrate together our success.


CQ Hotels Wellington

CQ Hotels Wellington continue to update hotel for guests who experience disability

CQ Hotels Wellington has recently bought two soundless vibrating alarms for hearing impaired guests which have been installed in both hotels.

alaarm for the hearing impaired



The alarm is placed underneath the pillow of the guest, so when the hotel alarms go off the soundless alarm should set off a strong vibration to wake the guest up so that they can safely evacuate.

We also have evacuation procedures in place for our accessible guests staying in accessible rooms, in the case of an emergency those guests would be our main priority.

CQ Hotels Wellington

CQ Hotels Wellington is open and operating as per usual

We hope that everyone is now safe and sound and your family and close friends are

all well.

CQ Hotels Wellington is open and operating as per usual. We have done a visual check

both inside and outside and there has been no damage to the buildings. Our hotels

are one of the safer buildings in Wellington as the structures have been constructed

and strengthened to 100% of the current New Zealand building code.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or if you would like

to make any bookings please contact us on 04 385 2153 or

Take care and kind regards,

Olivier Lacoua


General Manager

CQ Hotels Wellington