COMMUNITY! … Tell us which businesses are the good guys?


Since 2013 you have given us names of businesses that are doing their social responsibility well in New Zealand.

We keep a listing of 100 NZ businesses and we now need some new names to put into our kete to see who will be realised as good examples for the BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2018.

As our global BACS ambassador Dame Julia Cleverdon says “name and fame” that way the level of social activity will be improved and become more meaningful for us all.

Easy nomination:

  1. We will check all the nominated businesses before putting them before the BACS Community Leader Panelists who make the decisions and comments for the BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2018.
  2. If you are able to consider the criteria below with some knowledge that would assist us whilst we do the research…although you are not expected to know all of it!
  3. Please provide the business name, a name we could contact (if you know of), what kind of business they operate (we take all).
  4. Your name and community/charity. We do not divulge who has nominated which business and we never divulge who our BACS Panelists are.
  5. We need your nominations before Friday 22nd December.


  • Does the business have a good commitment to the community without bragging or using it just as a branding exercise?
  • Do they report their community activities and involvement? If so how can we see it? They might do it all through social media, some don’t do ‘reporting’.
  • What sort of activities are you aware of? Do they share their resources? Help you with events/donations? Or assist with skill sharing?
  • Is there any evidence of internal social responsibility that you know of?
  • Do they listen to community and share outcomes?
  • Are they aware of the social impact they are trying to succeed with?

Please email your nomination to

Thank you from the BACS Team!

The BACS Social Index is a simple tool highlighting responsible businesses in New Zealand

The BACS Good Business Egg Awards takes businesses recognised by New Zealand communities for good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity through a process of evaluation to determine who comes up the best. 

How the BACS Social Index began.


The BACS Good Business Egg Awards work as an independent process capturing activity that is acknowledged by communities as being great CSR initiatives, rather than business promotions.

Business activities are categorised into 3 areas: Education and Skills; Health and Wellbeing; and Community Empowerment.

This process identifies what is considered successful by community standards of CSR in New Zealand, providing real, grassroots commentary on the complex nature of CSR, made sometimes more complicated by some businesses, with slick marketing messages and poor reporting.

Having hosted 4 years’ worth of Awards we noticed the same businesses bubbling to the top each year. Using this process has built up a story about how each business’s philosophy and culture supports positive and effective CSR activity that is valued by the communities they partner with. Read more

golden egg

85 businesses go into the grindmill to see who's making impact in the New Zealand community

The organisers of the annual BACS Good Business Egg Awards for 2016 have just closed the long list of candidates and are ready to scrutinize the companies that are doing well (or badly in some cases) within communities.

“There’s always a lot of huff and puff “ says Julie Donvin-Irons CEO of BACS, an organisation that connects business and community with the aim of improving social issues, “when dealing with companies that enjoy the publicity of helping out but not understanding the real issue or just doing it for their marketing strategy.

“The aim of the awards is to showcase good practice rather than just pat business leaders on the back, we want them to keep evolving into mature and knowledgeable employers and use the collective wisdom of community for better outcomes.

“We’re kind of a blend of mystery shoppers and the SAS says Julie, “throughout the next few months businesses without their knowledge will be quietly checked to see whether their community investment is real and ongoing and how it is reported. Read more