Dame Julia Cleverdon provides clarity of vision for business and community whilst global political leadership has changed

Our BACS Global Ambassador presents her thoughts on how we can work together in New Zealand.

The last year has seen some unprecedented and unexpected changes in political leadership across the world.

Instability and uncertainty, makes it even more 
vital that business leaders step up to manage their responsibility for the impact of their operations and the effect on the communities they seek to serve.

a mile in another’s shoes is vital if businesses are to understand the vividness of the views and experience of communities and their leaders. Read more

The BACS board and management are thrilled to announce Dame Julia Cleverdon joins us as our Global Ambassador

 The BACS Board and management are thrilled to announce Dame Julia Cleverdon joins us on our mission to connect business and communities to share resources and wisdom for a safe and healthy environment, sustainable living practices and access to education and aspirational opportunities to thrive.                

Dame Julia Cleverdon joins BACS as Global Ambassador                                 

When offered the role, Dame Julia said she was “delighted to do so.” Her recent visit and presentation at a BACS Talking Pod created such inspiration and praise for her outlook that we were compelled to invite her to be part of our team.

Dame Julia has acquired a formidable reputation as a challenging leader and dynamic speaker on business leadership and corporate responsibility. She has been acclaimed for achieving significant innovation and behaviour change in UK boardrooms while Chief Executive of Business in the Community from April 1992 to March 2008.

Under her leadership the business-led organisation grew in turnover from £2 million to £24 million, with 400 staff and 850 member companies committed to improving their positive impact on society. Julia inspired businesses to work together to tackle community need, stem climate change, promote diversity and harness the engagement of business in education. Read more