Working in collaboration

At COMET Auckland, we have a set of principles that underpin the way we work.  One of them is “never alone” by Susan Warren of COMET Auckland.

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At COMET Auckland, we have a set of principles that underpin the way we work.

One of them is “never alone”, meaning that every project we undertake is always a collaboration or partnership of some sort.  This is a choice, and also a necessity – there’s no way a small organisation like COMET Auckland can have all the expertise needed to achieve our big goals for education and skills in Auckland, without teaming up with other organisations that are moving in the same direction.

Sometimes our collaborations are simple, short-term processes, such as bringing together a committee of practitioners to organise a one-off workshop.  Other times they’re more complex, like creating a long-term partnership between a tertiary provider, a school, an early childhood service and a community organisation to support a group of parents through their first-ever qualification. 

What works for us

Either way, there are some basics that we’ve found are essential to making it work – for us, for our partners and most importantly, for the people we’re trying to serve.  I call them basics because they sound obvious and we all think we do them naturally, but what we’ve found through hard experience is they take real focus and effort to do well – and that’s what it takes to get real gains from collaboration.

I’m sure you have your own list of keys to collaboration – here’s ours: Read more