BACS Mentoring, expertise and skills are available through our partnered organisations.

BACS has a range of partners that provide a whole range of expertise assistance to hand. We can advise and connect you with select individuals and partner organisations.

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Karrikins Group

We can increase the business value and social impact of your community investment strategy.  We create value for clients by activating desired stakeholder behaviour, building brand and reputation. Website:


Auckland Communities Foundation

Auckland Communities Foundation is a donor services organisation which enables philanthropic giving to be made to maximum effect in the Auckland region.  We match generous people with worthy organisations.  Website:


The Ākina Foundation

Ākina is a social enterprise incubator focused on supporting new solutions to social and environmental challenges. We are a national leader in social enterprise thinking and practise. Website:


Foresee Communications

Foresee advises, trains and coaches non profits in how to build relationships with the corporate sector. Website: 


The London Benchmarking Group

LBG is the internationally recognised standard for measuring and evaluating a corporation’s community investment. Website:


Emerge Supported Employment Trust

Emerge helps adults with disability plan their careers, secure a job and support them in that employment; we also assist employers to create a sustainable diverse and inclusive workplace.     Watch their video. Website:


Film for Change
Film for Change exists to support people who are busy making a difference in the world. We believe short films are a powerful tool to support social missions, so we co-create and distribute them. Website:


The Stanley East Company
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is seen as vital for success by the huge number of companies that sign up to partnerships with communities throughout the world and equally as important relaying the impact of the engagement.                                                                                                     Website: