BACS Resources and Products

Welcome to this resource and products section of BACS where our business and community members can find tools to develop strategy and action so as to tackle social issues in New Zealand.


BACSBACS provides a unique membership organisation for business and community

With key tools and resources to assist greater collaboration between business and community we have built a thriving base of members who use our assistance, tools and measurements. We work with partners in order to complement skills and resources, using the best organisations that have to offer. Enquire here.


BACS Leadership Groups: Making Impact

This is part of the Level 1 BACS Membership opportunity which will be available in 2017. Business and community members are invited to contribute/sit in one of the BACS Social categories of Education and Skills, Health and Wellbeing and Community Empowerment.



golden eggBACS Good Business Egg Awards

An annual event that showcases the efforts of businesses throughout the year and names and fames them! Business member quote: “The best business event in New Zealand.” Read more.               


kokakoBACS Living Award

The BACS Living Awards began in 2015 as an extension of the BACS Good Business Egg Awards.  2015 Deloitte, Fonterra and The Warehouse were awarded with an endangered native Kokako egg. And in 2016  Contact Energy, Countdown and KPMG each received The Empty Cardboard Box Award. Read more.


Report BACS Report

This is presented at the BACS Good Business Eggs, it shows the themes that have occurred over the past year. Business winners are invited to provide a case study on one of their projects.  Read it here.



Large picture of Talking PodBACS Review for Business

The BACS Review for business is presented after the BACS Good Business Egg Awards to the winners and finalists in a 1-1 setting to explain and show how the scores were made and present the panelists comments. Read more.


BACS 2SIBACS Social Index

Launched in 2016, the BACS Social Index is an incredible opportunity to drive and guide continuous improvement in CSR in New Zealand. It provides a rating index of 100 businesses on their community investment. Read more.


bacs-breakfast-at-fonterraBACS Breakfasts

Our BACS Breakfasts Briefings were launched in 2016. These are designed for presentations on special topics throughout the year for BACS business and community members.  BACS members will receive invitations to these events.


BACS Talking Pod signBACS Talking Pods and Workshops

These popular events are unique in many ways, hosted by a BACS member they can be an opening session on a particular topic or a discussion on ‘how-to’ tools.  A few examples here.


Linda VaganaBACS Mentoring and Expertise Assistance

BACS has a range of partners that provide a whole range of mentoring, and expertise assistance to hand. We can advise and connect you with select individuals and partner organisations. Discover!


masseylogoBACS and Massey University Master of Advanced Leadership Practise (MALP)

This degree has been an international success, with evidence of 70 % of cohorts from these qualifications promoted to positions of substantial responsibility while they were still on the programme.  Read more.


Horizon ResearchBACS Surveys

Horizon Research is a BACS Partner and on the Board of Trustees and has provided a significant survey for BACS to develop strategy and has completed surveys for a number of BACS Community members. Read more.


3BACS Newsletters and Updates

Our newsletters are well received with comments returned to us on how useful they are, we provide these to members and non-members.  Check out a selection of some of our BACS Newsletters.