BACS Partners

BACS Partners listed here can work with you and assist with a range of tools, brokership and information. Please contact them directly for their services.


Massey University

Master of Advanced Leadership Practise (MALP)

Increasing the number of well lived lives in well led organisations is our vision. The Institute of Executive Education and Enterprise at Massey University provides challenging experiential development for leaders and managers in all types of organisations. We believe all development should be societal and sustainable. Website:

Film for Change

Film for Change

Film for Change exists to support people who are busy making a difference in the world. We believe short films are a powerful tool to support social missions, so we co-create and distribute them. Through better storytelling and increased awareness of people making a difference in Aotearoa, we aim to increase volunteers, beneficiaries and capital in the charity and social enterprise sectors.

Karrikins Group

Karrikins Group

We can increase the business value and social impact of your community investment strategy.  We create value for clients by activating desired stakeholder behaviour, building brand and reputation, helping organisations access target audiences as well as new markets, and by creating measurable positive social impact.   We do this by reviewing, designing, delivering and evaluating behaviour change and corporate social responsibility programmes. Website:

ACF logo

Auckland Communities Foundation

Auckland Communities Foundation is a donor services organisation which enables philanthropic giving to be made to maximum effect in the Auckland region.  We match generous people with worthy organisations.  Community Foundations, to date are the fastest growing form of philanthropy in the world, they establish endowment funds so income can be used in perpetuity to address issues of the day. Website:


The Ākina Foundation

Ākina is a social enterprise incubator focused on supporting new solutions to social and environmental challenges. We are a national leader in social enterprise thinking and practise. We work with social entrepreneurs at the start-up stage, or established organisations seeking to develop new initiatives, and provide them with the support they need to turn a powerful idea into a viable social venture.  Website:

Logo Foresee

Foresee Communications

Foresee advises, trains and coaches non profits in how to build relationships with the corporate sector. Our newsletter; Sponsorship Profile outlines case studies, best practice and “how to” articles on all things “sponsorship”. With a wealth of knowledge about the non profit sector, their objectives and what makes them tick. Website:

LBG logo

The London Benchmarking Group

LBG is the internationally recognised standard for measuring and evaluating a corporation’s community investment. This allows companies to account for their total community investment using standard definitions and valuations, therefore providing internal reporting on performance and comparison against other companies. Website:

Rev ID logo

Rev-ID International

Rev-ID International is a New Zealand business that created the FoundationCommunity™ tool which powers the BACS Share Market. Their flagship software, FoundationFootprint™ is a web based carbon footprint and sustainability management tool that is used by over 90 companies in 8 countries. The customers range from multi-national banks to mining, retail and government.

The Stanley East Comapny

The Stanley East Company

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is seen as vital for success by the huge number of companies that sign up to partnerships with communities throughout the world and equally as important relaying the impact of the engagement. The Stanley East Company has specialised experience and able to advise on effective partnerships and impact measurement. Website:
Global Equity Brokers

Global Equity Brokers

Global Equity Brokers’ director Eric Park is an engaging and inspiring relationship manager with extensive experience in future-focussed strategic planning. As a senior government policy advisor, he has represented New Zealand in United Nations forums and initiated, developed and managed collaborations between business, government and community in sustainability initiatives.                  Website: