As a volunteer fundraiser you’re going to have to sell something to someone at some time.

It can be great fun, a good way to meet your neighbours, a personal challenge, and a very satisfying learning experience.

Heather Newell

Heather Newell Director of Foresee Communications

To create a calm process out of chaos we recommend you use a script and while some love ‘em and some hate ‘em, it is proven by the world’s best salespeople to be the way to go.

If you are a nervous seller, then a script is the tool to calm your nerves, gain confidence and foresee a positive outcome.

In sales, scripts can help us with:

▪   telephone calls to potential purchasers

▪   door to door sales

▪   making an elevator pitch (when you meet some casually in an informal situation)

▪   coaching of parents and children who are selling products

▪   increasing sales

Using a script not only helps you to create a calm environment for conducting nerve wracking encounters but it can also help to produce amazing results for your fundraising volunteers. Scripting allows you to measure your success, according to a consistent methodology and what you can measure, you can manage and grow. The ultimate test of a superior salesperson is how consistent their results are and how consistent the results are for the entire team. Using a script achieves this consistency and makes the training of new volunteers simple and effective. Read more