Barnardos CEO Jeff Sanders provides us all with an insight of how children can thrive in Aotearoa

Jeff Sanders CEO of Barnardos presents the winner of the BACS Good Business Egg Award 2017 to ANZ  for education and skills.

Jeff ‘s speech:

The work we do at Barnardos impacts the future of New Zealand. Every day we touch the lives of vulnerable children and young people ensuring that the next generation can reach their full potential.

Unfortunately not every child in New Zealand has a happy, healthy, or safe childhood. Often the kids we work with are going through some of the most difficult times in their lives. Read more

The BACS Pile of Bricks Award 2017 presented at the BACS Good Business Egg Awards in Wellington

The BACS Living Award 2017 was presented to Countdown, The Warehouse and ANZ in Wellington.

Julia at ANZOur tikanga within BACS

Sharing: We encourage our members to share with each other. Business has resources and tools they can share. Community can share their rich resource of community knowledge and wisdom. Our events and website maintain the need to connect and share between us. Read more

We're very pleased to have Age Concern join BACS in our community sector

Age Concern New Zealand provides opportunities for older Kiwis to have a healthy lifestyle, full of opportunities and protection from harm.

We have a network of 35 local Age Concerns providing exercise, health promotion and social programmes as well as a free and confidential Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention Service. We employ professional staff to work with older people and their carers, providing support and advocacy.

New Zealand has an ageing population. New Zealanders are living longer, healthier and more active lives. The ageing of our population is often portrayed in terms of increased costs; including costs of health care, residential care and New Zealand Superannuation. Read more

A big 'High Five' to GoodCompany NZ, our newest BACS Partner who has tools for communities and corporates

Welcome to GoodCompany NZ.

GoodCompany helps to build online tools for individuals, corporates and charities to engage in impact-driven workplace giving programmes.

The tools we build help donors to identify the most meaningful way to give to causes that they are passionate about – whether it be donations, payroll giving, general or skills-based volunteering or fundraising.

We also provide the support systems to make giving opportunities easier for charities and corporates.

The BACS Social Index is a simple tool highlighting responsible businesses in New Zealand

The BACS Good Business Egg Awards takes businesses recognised by New Zealand communities for good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity through a process of evaluation to determine who comes up the best. 

How the BACS Social Index began.


The BACS Good Business Egg Awards work as an independent process capturing activity that is acknowledged by communities as being great CSR initiatives, rather than business promotions.

Business activities are categorised into 3 areas: Education and Skills; Health and Wellbeing; and Community Empowerment.

This process identifies what is considered successful by community standards of CSR in New Zealand, providing real, grassroots commentary on the complex nature of CSR, made sometimes more complicated by some businesses, with slick marketing messages and poor reporting.

Having hosted 4 years’ worth of Awards we noticed the same businesses bubbling to the top each year. Using this process has built up a story about how each business’s philosophy and culture supports positive and effective CSR activity that is valued by the communities they partner with. Read more

Fonterra winners

Big or small, local or national there are now numerous possibilities for fundraising with businesses

Working with Businesses

Big or small, local or national there are now numerous possibilities for fundraising with businesses.

Find out how to leverage the opportunities provided by business relationships, and ensure that what you are proposing provides mutual benefits for both parties.

In this full day workshop you will explore:

  • why businesses want to work with charities
  • what expectations they have about your organisation
  • what kind of support they want to provide
  • how to make the relationship work for you
  • whether this is the right fundraising opportunity for your organisation
  • the differences between sponsorships and partnerships and which will work for you
  • what resourcing you will need to provide
  • and how to get yourself “business” ready

Read more

Engagement- 'It's not just comms' an upcoming workshop for community in Auckland

Quality engagement achieves action.  When people understand ‘why’, the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ come easily.  By activating hearts, we can motivate minds.

The space in which communities connect and communicate has changed. We have an opportunity to lead strategic engagement and communication, which empowers communities.

Using future-proofed tools and techniques we can facilitate robust two-way conversation, create champions for your work and help you engage with communities and stakeholders.

In this free workshop for charities and community organisations led by Sonja de Friez, we will:

  • understand why engagement and two-way conversation work

  • learn how to strategically and collectively communicate with all stakeholders

  • see how engagement can support a culture change required to shift thinking and behaviour to increase the effectiveness of your work

  • build a matrix to get appropriate, targeted engagement

  • understand how engagement allows two-way conversation, and provides a feedback loop for constant evaluation

  • learn how to create champions, allowing a cascade of engagement, where quality information is shared using the voice of each sector/community.

Sonia will cover engagement using social and digital media (including video), as well as proactive engagement with mainstream media. There will be a short Q&A session after the workshop (time permitting).

 About Sonja

Sonja is passionate about communities being well informed, actively engaged and empowered.

For more than ten years she’s worked with large and complex organisations, predominantly in the public service, helping them to engage and inform their communities by developing and implementing stakeholder engagement strategies that are innovative and future-proofed.

She has proven experience at changing public perspectives around challenging subjects, and always find positive solutions to ensure communities are informed, with the right information via the right platform.

A current affairs journalist and documentary maker for more than a decade, Sonja has also taught broadcast journalism to post graduate students. Sonja also reviews books for National Radio, and is on the Board of Changing Minds, a not-for-profit working in the area of mental health and addiction.

 When: 8.30am-11.00am Wednesday 15 February

Where: The Front Room, Spark City, 167 Victoria Street West, Auckland


 This is a free workshop for charities and community organisations organised by the Auckland branch of the Community Comms Collective. Please let us know what organisation you’re representing when you RSVP. Collective volunteers are also welcome to attend. Spaces are limited so RSVPs are essential. Big thanks to Spark for providing the venue.


Read more

Logo Foresee

On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me 2 turtle doves

“On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me…

…two turtle doves

Two turtle doves


As I lay in my happy place, looking out the window at two turtle doves in my beautiful garden, I realised that Christmas is the time to relax, rejuvenate and re-energise for the coming year.

This is the moment to follow those two turtle doves, up into the sky, not a care in the world, living for the moment, if only for a few days.

Make the most of your non work time.

Appreciate your family and friends around you and just fly like the turtle doves.

Heather from Foresee Communications


On the fourth day of Christmas I'd love my true love to send me 4 chiller vans

On the fourth day of Christmas I’d love my true love to send me…

…4 chiller vans!


img_2390At KCA we rescue food and other goods for those in need, working to reduce inequality and food insecurity.

We’re ready to provide everything from fresh, frozen and non-perishable food, right through to furniture and whiteware to frontline charities and community organisations.

We’re here to serve our community, to help look after those in need

We rescue and share more than 100 tonnes of food and 60 van loads of recycled donated goods each year, supporting over 20,000 people who need a hand up.

We are an award winner as a north Wellington based charity working behind the scenes, assisting other charities by regularly supplying them so they can concentrate on helping the people coming to them for help.


And then:  You can help us by donating food, goods, money or time – we have around 70 volunteers who regularly help us out, but we always welcome more.

And even just one chiller van would be nice!

KCA Facebook    


On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me 6 resources for LGBTIQ'ers

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me…

…six resources for LGBTIQ’ers!



Which will give you and us all a great season and look forward to a fantastic rainbow New Year!

 1. Counselling 

OUTLine’s intensive 4-day training course is free of charge to LGBTIQ identifying people who commit to at least one 3-hour shift a month AND attending our monthly upskilling/clinical supervision forum.

2. Resources

Help us, help you. Like many organisations we spend a lot of time trying to raise money and that sometimes distracts us from the real work we need to do.

3. FAQ’s

How do you know if you’re from the Rainbow community? Understanding your sexual or gender orientation is really about understanding your long-term feelings, self-gender identification and attractions. It has nothing to do with whether you have acted on those feelings yet or not.

4. Support

Tips for youth on coming out and supporting those who are in the process. Coming Out is now more than ever a youth issue. Studies indicate that many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) young people are aware of their sexual orientation/gender identity by the time they are 13.

5. News

So baby, call me! OUTLine produced an eye-catching performance all the way through the Pride Parade route, where colourful roller coaster riders squealed their way through the crowd, and when life had its ups and downs, OUTLine was there.

6. 100% OK campaign

This is a way for allies of the Rainbow Community to simply say “I’m OK” with people being themselves 100% of the time – no matter what your gender identity or sexual orientation. Whatever you identify as – it’s 100% OK. Do it now!

We’re delighted to share all these gifts at Christmas and beyond with whomever would like to know about them!