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We believe we should be aiming to be the first country in the world where women earn 100% equal pay for equal work

The 2018 YWCA Equal Pay Awards are now open!

We were the first country where women were given the right to vote, we now have our third female Prime Minister, and we believe we should be aiming to be the first country in the world where women earn 100% equal pay for equal work and we need your help!

NEW IN 2018

Six New Equal Pay Award Categories

  • Since introducing the Awards five years ago, the goal was to celebrate, encourage and motivate New Zealanders to get on the equal pay journey and share initiatives and policies.  It’s always been about the equal pay journey, so this year we have introduced six new award categories including one for an individual leading the way.
  • So here is your chance to join a growing network of people doing great things for equal pay.  Tell us your story and you could win a prestigious YWCA Equal Pay Award!

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LBG logo

A free event for community organisations that want to build stronger, better partnership with business in Wellington and Auckland

Want to build stronger, better partnership with business?

For over two decades LBG has helped business make more informed decisions to achieve greater value from their investments in the community.

Drawing on that experience, knowledge and research, LBG has created LBG for Community supporting non-profit organisations with corporate-community partnership reporting, impact measurement and strategic partnership development. Read more

golden egg

NZ community deciding which business is worthy of a BACS Good Business Egg Award 2018

The 2018 BACS Good Business Egg Awards are hotting up after the shortlist of finalists have been decided. Once again a range of NZ companies  with good corporate social responsibility have been scrutinized to see who really ‘walks the talk’ rather than just doing a range of branding exercises.

“Some new names have been seen this year with some older participants looking a little weary. However reporting on what companies are doing in New Zealand is a fascinating practise, the recipients in communities are the ones that tell us who and what is really working. ” says Julie Donvin-Irons BACS Founder and CEO.

The 2018 list of finalists comprises of 14 NZ businesses considered to be worthy of winning a Good Business Egg. Experienced community leaders make up the judging panels and it is they that make the final decision as to who will win. Read more

COMMUNITY! … Tell us which businesses are the good guys?


Since 2013 you have given us names of businesses that are doing their social responsibility well in New Zealand.

We keep a listing of 100 NZ businesses and we now need some new names to put into our kete to see who will be realised as good examples for the BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2018.

As our global BACS ambassador Dame Julia Cleverdon says “name and fame” that way the level of social activity will be improved and become more meaningful for us all.

Easy nomination:

  1. We will check all the nominated businesses before putting them before the BACS Community Leader Panelists who make the decisions and comments for the BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2018.
  2. If you are able to consider the criteria below with some knowledge that would assist us whilst we do the research…although you are not expected to know all of it!
  3. Please provide the business name, a name we could contact (if you know of), what kind of business they operate (we take all).
  4. Your name and community/charity. We do not divulge who has nominated which business and we never divulge who our BACS Panelists are.
  5. We need your nominations before Friday 22nd December.


  • Does the business have a good commitment to the community without bragging or using it just as a branding exercise?
  • Do they report their community activities and involvement? If so how can we see it? They might do it all through social media, some don’t do ‘reporting’.
  • What sort of activities are you aware of? Do they share their resources? Help you with events/donations? Or assist with skill sharing?
  • Is there any evidence of internal social responsibility that you know of?
  • Do they listen to community and share outcomes?
  • Are they aware of the social impact they are trying to succeed with?

Please email your nomination to bacs@bacshares.org.nz

Thank you from the BACS Team!

The BACS Living Award

The BACS Living Award evaluation on the Empty Cardboard Box 2016-17

The ‘Empty Cardboard Box Award’

The Awards work as an independent evaluation process capturing activity that is acknowledged by communities as being great CSR initiatives, rather than business promotions.

 The BACS Good Business Egg Awards

The BACS Good Business Egg (GBE) Awards take businesses nominated by community organisations, and identifies who is fulfilling expectations on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and impacting New Zealand society in a positive way.

The Awards work as an independent evaluation process capturing activity that is acknowledged by communities as being great CSR initiatives, rather than business promotions.  This process identifies what is considered successful by community standards of CSR in New Zealand, providing real, grassroots commentary on the complex nature of CSR. 

Businesses are categorised into three areas: Education and Skills; Community Empowerment; and Health and Wellbeing.

What we are looking for in a ‘Good Business Egg’: Read more


An outline report of what was discussed at the recent BACS hui on poverty in Aotearoa

Report of the BACS Trust Hui in Auckland.

A brief synopsis of what was discussed at our hui in late September.

Members of BACS and other guests were invited to attend our event kindly hosted by Auckland Airport.

This was to discuss potential ideas to take forward to the Peter McKenzie project on poverty in Aotearoa, with a particular focus on child poverty.

What BACS did was to convene this opportunity to listen and share knowledge across the business sector and community.

30+ people were presented initially with a slide presentation, showing the results of a membership survey BACS conducted in 2014.  This had been highlighted through members’ interests towards resolving poverty; child poverty etc. Read more


The Akina Foundation will be presenting with SAP at the New Zealand’s largest international event on CSR

We’re delighted to support our BACS Partner the Ākina Foundation who will be presenting with SAP at the New Zealand’s largest international event on CSR.
Why should you attend?

Working on Purpose brings together public sector and corporate leaders, policy makers and specialists across employee engagement, branding, procurement and CSR.

The programme features the world’s leading social enterprise innovators, practical workshops, collaborative sessions and global best practice which will inform and inspire you to:

  • create and measure impact of meaningful community engagement
  • showcase investment in innovation, job creation and economic growth
  • adopt social procurement best practice
  • demonstrate business value and enhance corporate brand recognition
  • enrich employee engagement with CSR programmes

Thursday 28th September Christchurch, New Zealand
Find out more and how to book your place here

GoodCompany wins award

GoodCompany wins prestigious Westpac Award

Westpac has awarded GoodCompany a High Potential Business of Tomorrow, based on our potential to shape Australia’s future. Of the 200 winners overall, we’re one of only twenty companies in the nation to receive this accolade.

The Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow program recognises and supports great Australian businesses today, with a clear vision for tomorrow. David Lindberg, judge and Chief Executive, at Westpac Business Bank, remarked

“As Australia’s first unified workplace giving and volunteering rewards platform, GoodCompany has made a significant impact on the Australian not for profit sector. Through making it easy and empowering staff to give their time, talent and donations to causes in need, GoodCompany helps make a positive impact to the lives of many Australians.”

The 200 winners were chosen from almost 2,000 applications nationally. They were based on criteria such as business purpose, contribution to customers and the community, current strengths and vision for the future. All winners have a track record of delivery and are determined to have the qualities and potential to help tomorrow’s customers and communities. We are honoured to be included in this impressive cohort.

“We found the calibre of applicants extremely high. These are leaders with a strong sense of purpose and the capability to think differently about meeting customer needs that exist today and those that may be needed in the future” said Lyn Cobley, Chief Executive, Westpac Institutional Bank.

Ash Rosshandler, GoodCompany CEO, has returned inspired from the awards presentation and time with Westpac executives “I look forward to sharing our journey as a winner of this prestigious award. The recognition and tailored prize package will enable us to achieve even more for the community.

Thanks to Westpac we have $100K to spend on professional services and also an international study tour in August.  We’re absolutely thrilled by the support!”

Read it here


Vincents logo

Vincents Art Workshop is the go-to- place, we found that out at the BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2017

The go-to place in Wellington, for so many people as Vincents Art Workshop is a place of learning and creativity, which contributes to healthy communities.

The Warehouse wins


Vincents Art Workshop is the oldest Creative Space in New Zealand.  It was established in in 1985 when the mental health institutions were closing down and people were moving into their local communities.

Some of the people moving into the Wellington community had been involved with art activities in Porirua Hospital in the early 1980’s.

They wanted to continue to be creatively self-expressive when they left the hospital but they didn’t want to sign up for the established art schools.  Two social workers from the Inner City Ministry noticed this need and set up Vincents as an Incorporated Society.  Read more


Deirdre O'Sullivan of Parkinson's presents BACS Good Business Egg Awards after moving speech

Health and wellbeing community leader Deirdre O’Sullivan presents the award to Countdown after exceptional speech.

Deirdre O Sullivan

There’s a positive attitude in this room tonight, and that’s the attitude we encourage at Parkinson’s New Zealand.  We support people living with Parkinson’s to remain active in their communities and also mentally and physically active through exercise, singing groups, dance sessions and even specials boxing classes run by heavyweight boxer Shane Cameron.

I’d like you – the heavyweights of the business world to join us. You have over 13,000 potential customers living with Parkinson’s, and that’s over 13,000 families that could be attracted by your approach.

I just want to share a recent story with you that show the potential business has for improving the quality of life of people living with Parkinson’s. Read more