The BACS Living Award

The BACS Living Awards began in 2015 as an extension of the BACS Good Business Egg Awards. 

In 2016  Contact Energy, Countdown and KPMG each received The Empty Cardboard Box Award.

The BACS Living Award

What’s in the box? Perplexed winners seek answers as to what is the BACS Living Award?

This year the BACS Living Award for 2016 was kept under-wraps as the winners were not told what the award would be.


The only clue provided was that it was as special, unique and in need of care as the Kokako. Each perplexed winner was presented with an empty brown cardboard box, with the explanation that this humble award was only given to those that were recognised as being responsible and trustworthy.

“For heavens sake” said Julie Donvin-Irons, Founder of BACS, “There are enough perspex awards gathering dust on shelves in offices, how about something that really awards responsibility? The space inside the box is exciting, it will grow its own award. The space represents what can be shared with the Women’s Refuge. The challenge for the winners is to fill each box in an innovative way over the next year, and of course the boxes are recyclable and refillable.” We await the results to be presented at the 2017 BACS Good Business Egg Awards.

In 2015 Deloitte, Fonterra and The Warehouse were awarded with a endangered native Kokako egg.

Deloitte winners GBE 2015

Deloitte one of the three winners of the BACS Living Award 2015

Whilst these companies might be better known for the scale of their business activities, they also demonstrate significant commitments to their various community initiatives.


The event hosted by CQ Hotels Wellington, a previous winner was packed with business and community leaders anxious to see who had won the award.  The 2015 winners were each presented with an egg of the endangered native Kokako. Winners: Deloitte, Fonterra and The Warehouse were able to gift a name for each of the newly hatched birds and keep track of their adopted birds through Forest and Bird.