A free event for community organisations that want to build stronger, better partnership with business in Wellington and Auckland

Want to build stronger, better partnership with business?

For over two decades LBG has helped business make more informed decisions to achieve greater value from their investments in the community.

Drawing on that experience, knowledge and research, LBG has created LBG for Community supporting non-profit organisations with corporate-community partnership reporting, impact measurement and strategic partnership development.

This popular tool incorporates LBG’s social impact methodology, and contains a set of guiding principles for practitioners across non-profit and corporate sectors responsible for negotiating impact measurement, reporting and partners.

Corporate Citizenship, the managers of LBG, and Volunteering New Zealand have partnered to invite you to join LBG Director, Simon J Robinson, for a light breakfast to learn more about LBG for Community and how it can build your fundraising strategy.

During the session Simon will explain the details and highlight the value to your organisation of becoming LBG certified community partners

Testimonials from Certified LBG for Community partners

  • Good to have a standardised model, applicable across sectors, with rigour applied so you know that the benefits being achieved are realistic and not inflated.
  • Provides guidance on language to use when talking with corporate partners about programs, impact and reasons for partnerships, and helps evaluate which companies may be a good fit for a strategic partnership.
  • Having a framework to use provides credibility with partners.

Wellington event 

Auckland event