The BACS Social Index Results for New Zealand Business 2017

The BACS Social Index Report 2017

The BACS Social Index was launched in 2016 at a breakfast event kindly hosted by Fonterra in Auckland with a good number of interested businesses and community leaders to find out about another BACS initiative. This year we had our event in Wellington and had a great group of people keen to see and hear the results through the good works over the past year.


How the BACS Social Index works


The first step for a business to be on the BACS Social Index is to have been nominated by a community/charity organisation and processed through a 7- step criteria through the BACS Good Business Egg Awards. The business does not need to be a member of BACS and cannot submit themselves.

After a considerable process the panel of the 16-18 community leaders makes comments and scores on each of the short- listed businesses. Their decisions provide the winners with a Good Business Egg Award and runners up are also acknowledged. BACS then collect this data over two years to provide a consistent result to grow the BACS Social Index.


Value of the BACS Social Index


BACS maintain a list of diverse 100 companies that have been nominated by community.

The value for the companies is that they can see what others are achieving and be able to garner information on CSR work in New Zealand. It is interesting to view which sectors are in the Top 18 this year.

Consistency over a period of 2 years gives a clearer picture for NZ CSR results rather than a one- off win and presents a series of comments from the BACS panelists.

And each business is perceived in the greater community for its CSR contribution in New Zealand through a quality and meaningful index evaluated by community leaders.


The Top 18 Results for 2017


This year we have a Top 18 worthy of mention out of the 100 businesses in our list and we provide a brief commentary on each business.


10 out of 10 The Big Golden Egg: Countdown


Exceptional performance over 2 years with clear strategy maintained throughout. 2 years running with a BACS GBE Award in Health and Wellbeing and the first company to achieve 10/10 on the BACS Social Index.

The BACS community leader panelists scored Countdown highly throughout the process with notable comments.

Countdown have an understanding of the entire value chain of their product / service and the importance of their role in the local community which has driven social responsibility integration not just into their products, but also the process.”

“Food rescue (donation of fresh food to charities / organisations that would otherwise go to landfill) represents more of a commitment – $3.5 million value each year (program started in 2011). Represents recognition and integration of corporate responsibility into value chain and everyday activity – requires planning and commitment from all aspects of organisations on a daily basis. This is much more impressive. Doing the simple things well. Partnership with 10+ organisations across the country to provide national reach. Realising the size of the opportunity. Countdown has taken a leadership role – offering contestable funding for organisations and thought leadership through facilitation of a food rescue summit.”

And a further panelist said “Having a large footprint brings on a large responsibility, and Countdown’s approach makes it seem they’re thinking about how they can reduce the environmental and social impact in each individual transaction.”

Countdown completed the annual BACS Business Review which provided the whole feedback from the panelists to the company giving them the opportunity to make changes if needed after winning their second BACS Good Business Egg Award in 2 years running.

We’d like to see this continuing CSR work at Countdown to show how others can be inspired, their current 2017 report is impressive with considerable strategic outcomes to achieve.


9 out of 10 The Powerhouse Group:  ANZ, KPMG, The Warehouse


ANZ: Leaping ahead from last year. We noted that the word ‘excellent’ was used 8 times in their panel group comments.

“The Money Minded Impact Report was excellent – good mix of detailed outcomes reporting and case studies to bring the data to life.  Conducting an external evaluation of a CSR project is rare and important – well done to ANZ.”

BACS Panelist 2017.

What we have observed over the past several years is how ANZ has sustained a high count during the Awards and how pleasing to see their substantial work take them up 2 levels higher this year.


KPMG: Standing firm in the top ten again, and up another notch this year from last. Clear reporting with evidence proves it works to win/win.

“The report is really detailed, with a very strong New Zealand focus and with a good balance of stories and data. I really enjoyed reading it, and it gives the impression that KPMG really value and enjoy working with non-profits and making a social difference. Really nice.”

BACS Panelist 2017.

KPMG is clearly upping the ante, distinct strategy in CSR and some good results.


The Warehouse: Maintaining its high calibre through another year with similar initiatives.

The Warehouse has remained at the top of the tree since the BACS Good Business Egg Awards were initiated showing many others ‘how to do it well’ in the area of CSR.

A BACS Panelist commented that “The Warehouse largely adopts a cooperative, collaborative approach with its partners – but spearheading the fundraising/funding challenges. All initiatives seem in accordance in the principles of community engagement/participation. Local communities appear to have sufficiently strong “voice” in each programme.”


8 out of 10 Consistency in long lasting relationships: Contact and CQ Hotels Wellington


Contact Energy has remained in the high scorings since the Awards have existed.

“Contact definitely make long term commitments through some of their long-lasting sponsorships.” BACS Panelist commented on the longevity but we’re looking for some further initiatives that could be exciting.


CQ Hotels Wellington: Showing the big companies how to do CSR well with elegance and aplomb.

A small organisation despite it being part of a hospitality chain comes in with the big NZ names and keeps doing so!

“CQ Hotels commitment to accessibility is clearly genuine and goes well beyond lip service. This is evidenced in their employment practice and innovation.”

BACS Panelists 2017


7 out of 10 CSR Stalwarts: Auckland Airport, Bell Gully, Fonterra, Genesis Energy


Auckland Airport: Doing CSR in the right way, first rate results this year.

Pleased to see reliable results with Auckland Airport and hope to see more next year.

“They certainly do not claim to make the world a better place, but only to help their local community with the kinds of things that are important to them. I’m quite annoyed with some businesses’ attitude of ‘we know better and we teach you how to do it properly’ – Auckland Airport is not one of them.”

BACS Panelists 2017


Bell Gully: Only law firm on the BACS Social Index.

We’re keen to acknowledge the only law business as are the communities that have done so too.

“Wide range of support. Diversity and Inclusion. Excellent commitment.  Integration with business activities. Their membership strategy is also well planned and integrates with community partnerships.”

BACS Panelists 2017.


Fonterra: Continued good evidence of excellence and commitment to New Zealand CSR.

“Outstanding report from a New Zealand business on New Zealand impact and the communities it helps through investment.” BACS Panelist 2017.

Fonterra remains in the top ten again this year. Look forward to seeing more good reporting and more information on their NZ programmes.


Genesis Energy: Quiet company continuing to do quiet work in CSR.

Genesis remains a steady pace within the community.

“Good CSR seen as a value to the organisation and was highlighted as so in their reporting.”

BACS Panelist 2017.


6 out of 10 Looking good! IBM, Spark, TSB


 IBM: Very good global initiatives working in NZ as well as local projects.

A small but significant part of IBM is in NZ and are doing great pieces of work here that can make societal change, we’re impressed as are some of our panelists.

“IBM gives examples of staff volunteering with (e.g. Citizens Advice Bureau) and providing work experience for young women in the ICT world (girls go for ICT experience in the capital). These initiatives are neutral of seeking/promoting brand recognition.”

BACS Panelist 2017


Spark: A major player in New Zealand and top of the other NZ Telecoms

Spark beats the other telecoms with significant programmes and ongoing changes.

“Clear focus on education and tackling some of NZ’s key societal issues. Clear learning and evolving process, with commitment to activities in future years.”

BACS Panelist 2017.


TSB: The dark horse that came out of nowhere to get on the BACS Social Index.

Popular with the community and astonishing results nearly got them an Award.

“In their grant making they enable resource and skill sharing and mentoring.”

BACS Panelist 2017.


5 out of 10 Marvelous Middles:  Annah Stretton, ASB, DB Breweries, Deloitte, Noel Leeming


Annah Stretton: Has been looked at through the BACS lens for some years.

This year the company Annah Stretton got to be a finalist at the Awards.

“The RAW project is more than a CSR project – it is a personal vision and commitment from the founder of Annah Stretton. She is obviously passionate about this work and the ability to change lives and work with the community. It was good to read how they plan to scale the initiative.”

BACS Panelist 2017.


ASB: Has always scored high with panelists, good to see them in the Top 18.

ASB just missed getting into the top echelon in the BACS Good Business Eggs this year so this score shows how good they have maintained over the 2 years to keep within the top group.


DB Breweries: Another consistent business with good CSR results.

Another business that missed getting on the high scores this year however their performance has remained stable and we look forward to seeing them continue their journey.


Deloitte: Pleased to see new works and good messages.

In the BACS criteria, we want to see an awareness by the business of the social impact in what they are doing.

The BACS panelist here has succinctly put this “Very strong message up front on the website about the importance of making a difference – inspiring, and clearly a “lived” value that comes through in every aspect of the business, not just the overt CSR.”


Noel Leeming: A newbie in the ‘Top Numbers’ this year.

Good to have another new name in the frame.

“The Warehouse Group is one of very few NZ companies that integrates CSR with its investor reporting, and the group’s annual report features a section on CSR. The part relating to Noel Leeming specifically mentions the Mobile Learning initiative. This is a big plus as it shows some integrated thinking behind the scenes.”

BACS Panelist 2017.


The BACS Social Index is a simple tool highlighting responsible businesses in New Zealand.


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