The BACS Pile of Bricks Award 2017 presented at the BACS Good Business Egg Awards in Wellington

The BACS Living Award 2017 was presented to Countdown, The Warehouse and ANZ in Wellington.

Julia at ANZOur tikanga within BACS

Sharing: We encourage our members to share with each other. Business has resources and tools they can share. Community can share their rich resource of community knowledge and wisdom. Our events and website maintain the need to connect and share between us.

Caring: The BACS Good Business Egg Awards were started after a survey to find out how business was responding to the terrible conditions after the deadly Christchurch earthquake in 2011.  The title of those that were practicing excellent assistance and communication received the title of ‘Good Eggs’ which stuck and is now used as a benchmark in how business cares. In 2014, we presented an opportunity for 3 winners to each care for an endangered native NZ bird. Each Kokako was gifted names by The Warehouse, Deloitte and Fonterra and tracked with visits to the Waitakere Ranges.

Trust: One of the greatest gifts we can give each other is trust.  The Empty Cardboard Box Award was presented to KPMG, Contact Energy and Countdown as an award that community leaders believed they could be trusted to fill the refillable and recyclable box for the Women’s Refuge in useful and meaningful ways. The results were imaginative, astonishing and were gratefully received by the Dr Ang Jury from the Women’s Refuge.

Compassion: This year, we present the BACS Pile of Bricks Award.

And again, we wanted to challenge our businesses in NZ, our social issue is loneliness.

There are very, very few people who have never felt lonely.

Loneliness can become a disease, it can capture you.

You may be without friends or companions.

I may feel abandoned, rejected, unpopular.

We get sad, unhappy, forlorn when we are lonely.

Despondency is the flavour of the day for some of us and sadly through the long, long, so long nights.

Solitude can be wonderful on a beautiful beach in Aotearoa, or a horrible nightmare if it means nothing for you.

We can be rich, we can be poor, we can be terrified if we can’t pay the mortgage this month.

I could be isolated from my country, my language and culture, my family, friends, maybe in a prison cell or feel like my own home is a prison.

We could be any street kid, or one of 1,500 of those children were dealing with serious issues of family violence, abuse and neglect.

You can be elderly, young, disabled, immigrant, a local, unwell, physically well.

I may be bullied, I may abuse alcohol or drugs.

We may consider and complete suicide, we might be business people, we might be unemployed.

We can be 13 years old, 30 years old or 93 years old.

I could be Siobhan, with Parkinson’s.

We can be Maori, Pasifika, Pakeha, Asian. You can be any gender.

You, we and I can be the loneliest person in a full room, you, we and I can smile as though you, we and I are the most confident of us all.

And somehow, we feel as though we’re alone behind a brick wall and nobody sees us.

Imagine then how you will feel showing your colleagues and board “The BACS Pile of Bricks Award.”

How better can you explain the power you have, the compassion you have to address a social issue that affects so many of us. By knocking down the wall, (lets think of the Berlin wall, ) it enables us all to flourish, to empower, to share compassion through our tikanga.

Your award is a pile of bricks representing your compassion to communicate with these organisations.

You will be provided with an amazing opportunity to find out how they work. This includes; a huge array:

  • Vincents are offering a team-building session with one of their art tutors, as well as provide opportunities to be involved in their Winter Group Show and the Annual Group Exhibition in the Gallery at St James Theatre. And on top of that give you a Vincents art work to be displayed with a plaque that explains about Vincents Art.
  • Tea with Barnardos and discover the intricacies of how they manage to do the hardest work with families in crisis.
  • Parkinson’s Trust will provide free tailor made training seminar for your staff to better understand working with people with Parkinson’s and also for the 300,00 people with neurological conditions.

And next year we want you to come back and tell us;

what did you do,

what did you learn,

what difference did you make?