Dame Julia Cleverdon provides clarity of vision for business and community whilst global political leadership has changed

Our BACS Global Ambassador presents her thoughts on how we can work together in New Zealand.

The last year has seen some unprecedented and unexpected changes in political leadership across the world.

Instability and uncertainty, makes it even more 
vital that business leaders step up to manage their responsibility for the impact of their operations and the effect on the communities they seek to serve.

a mile in another’s shoes is vital if businesses are to understand the vividness of the views and experience of communities and their leaders.

I remember so well
 on my last visit to New Zealand the wisdom and insight from those community leaders who were building the partnerships with BACS in New Zealand – with a common purpose together of building a stronger, more sustainable and more inclusive society.

Across the world business has never been under such pressure to explain its purpose, manage its impacts, build trust and be transparent about both risks and opportunities. It seems to me that in New Zealand – many businesses – small and large – global and local – are increasingly realising the impact of their engagement and influence.

The growing list of businesses based in New Zealand who are involved in the partnership work of BACS and who are taking on innovative ideas and important community projects is testament to the desire to learn and develop by being closer to customers, to potential employees and to the wider community.

Developing responsible business experience and sharing it – is the best way to speed up innovation and impact and to build trust and a more inclusive society.

BACS is the forum convened in New Zealand to share responsible business practice, the Good Business Egg Awards are the opportunity to shine a strong light on new ideas and courageous innovation.

I much look forward to hearing of the Award winners – as well as of those who did not win the accolade – but learnt some important lessons about community building.

In an uncertain and challenging world I applaud your determination and commitment to serving the needs of others.


Dame Julia Cleverdon a passionate and practical campaigner who has gained an international reputation for ‘connecting the unconnected’, inspiring individuals and organisations to work together for the common good.

 Having been Chief Executive of Business in the Community from 1991 to 2008 where she worked closely with the President HRH The Prince of Wales in building a movement of 850 member companies, she is now Vice President of Business in the Community working particularly on encouraging responsible business practice in disadvantaged communities.

Her objective is to build a more robust civil society by promoting collaboration among senior leaders from business, government, education and communities.