Barnardos CEO Jeff Sanders provides us all with an insight of how children can thrive in Aotearoa

Jeff Sanders CEO of Barnardos presents the winner of the BACS Good Business Egg Award 2017 to ANZ  for education and skills.

Jeff ‘s speech:

The work we do at Barnardos impacts the future of New Zealand. Every day we touch the lives of vulnerable children and young people ensuring that the next generation can reach their full potential.

Unfortunately not every child in New Zealand has a happy, healthy, or safe childhood. Often the kids we work with are going through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

Our diverse range of social services directly supports 7,300 children and families. 1,500 of those children were dealing with serious issues of family violence, abuse and neglect.

While all these big numbers are important, it’s always humbling to remember that each figure of is constructed of real people. Real children that we have helped one-by-one to have a better life.

The reality is no child lives in isolation. A child with a need belongs to a family or whānau. That family lives in a community. Those communities make up our nation. At Barnardos, we see a nation where our children have every opportunity to shine bright. Through our work, we are building stronger communities, one child at a time.

By intervening early in the lives of those we help, we have a better opportunity to have a positive effect on their life trajectory and achieve this vision – because supported children grow up to be adults who contribute to their community.

Children depend on adults to care for them, and it’s our responsibility to do our very best. We believe that every one of us can do this, and every child can thrive.

Together, with the support of many like you, Barnardos ensures that more children are safe, more children are learning, and more children are respected in their homes and communities. These are the three things that have been our focus as we work towards making Aotearoa New Zealand the best place to be a child.