Massey University Business School and BACS are working on how to address the challenges of future leaders in New Zealand

Mike Fiszer Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Institute of Executive Education and Enterprise at Massey Business School writes~

The concept of the Triple Bottom Line was developed by John Elkington in the 1990’s. In the simplest terms, the TBL agenda focuses leaders not just on the economic value that they add, but also on the environmental and social value that they add – or destroy.

This raises many questions about the type – and scale – of leadership that will be needed to address these challenges in the New Zealand of the future. While the knowledge, competencies and skills needed by leaders are being explored by many institutions, there is no doubt this cutting edge evolution requires new thinking, behaviours and paradigms, and offers leader challenges and opportunities in all leader development activity.

Any leader development programme that claims to be developing future leaders needs to incorporate not just the theory of Societal and Sustainable enterprise but experience of what challenges leaders face in these enterprises in the live economy of their country.

With this in mind Massey University Business School has been working with BACS to ensure that leader conversations and engagement in Social Enterprise cross that divide and help develop more holistic leaders who at the same time make a contribution where it matters to social enterprise.

Participants from the Masters of Advanced Leadership Practice have for the past two years engaged with New Zealand Social Enterprise placements with the help of BACS.

We have seen some transformational changes in our participants’ views of leading through these relationships, many of which go beyond their initial 5-9 hours per month. We are thrilled that again this year we have future leaders both developing and contributing to what we call the “new economy” and a new societal and sustainable leadership in New Zealand.