Massey University Business School and BACS are working on how to address the challenges of future leaders in New Zealand

Mike Fiszer Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Institute of Executive Education and Enterprise at Massey Business School writes~

The concept of the Triple Bottom Line was developed by John Elkington in the 1990’s. In the simplest terms, the TBL agenda focuses leaders not just on the economic value that they add, but also on the environmental and social value that they add – or destroy.

This raises many questions about the type – and scale – of leadership that will be needed to address these challenges in the New Zealand of the future. While the knowledge, competencies and skills needed by leaders are being explored by many institutions, there is no doubt this cutting edge evolution requires new thinking, behaviours and paradigms, and offers leader challenges and opportunities in all leader development activity.

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Women's Refuge

How the Women's Refuge and Massey's Masters of Advanced Leadership Practise both benefitted

A new partnership formed whereby both participants gain valuable experience and growth.

Megan Buckley from the NZ Nurses Association.

I was offered the opportunity to work with the National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges (NCIWR) Chief Executive during my Social Enterprise (SE) placement.

Our role was to learn about how the SE worked, its structure and people, what the complexities and achievements were and what the next steps were for the organisation. Read more

Father and Child

How Massey's Masters of Advanced Leadership Practise assisted the Father and Child Trust

Here’s commentary from the partnership of Mat Scott of Father and Child with Dan Walker of Dell.

From Dan Walker of Dell

Connecting with Mat and Father & Child was a great experience for me. I realised that Father & Child is more than just people who love what they do – they give so much of themselves; It was enlightening to see how their passion for helping men through their roles as parents was bigger than monetary gain or personal interest. I valued the opportunity to help Father & Child and I hope they got value from me. Read more


Achieving sustainability for OUTLine's LGBTI community through the Masters of Advanced Leadership Practise at Massey University

General Manager Trevor Easton of OUTLine became part of the MALP programme with Colin Tuaa of BEST Pacific Institute of Education.

Colin Tuaa of BEST Pacific Institute of Education.

My social placement experience with Trevor Easton was very enlightening.  My approach to this piece of work was really to listen and understand what Outline NZ stands for. Trevor was such a pleasure to work with and we quickly developed a trusting relationship.

We both agreed that we were not sure how we were going to help each other apart from Trevor providing some sort of support for a Masters student.

I think we both let the relationship naturally evolve and with each meeting Trevor shared more about the challenges he faces in serving our LGBTI community. Read more

IBM logo

BACS warmly welcomes IBM as our latest business member, a leader on corporate responsibility for over 100 years

IBM has been a leader in corporate responsibility for over 100 years. We have embedded corporate responsibility in our business strategy, values and management systems.

Our contributions target critical societal issues and leverage our employees’ talent and expertise, as well as our technologies.

IBM’s strategic business priorities are tightly aligned with our social responsibility efforts. Both are focused on making the systems that facilitate life — such as water, energy, food, and transportation — more efficient, accessible and sustainable.

Because we have so methodically aligned our service efforts to our areas of business expertise, we are able to engage longer and more meaningfully — including efforts to improve education, healthcare, disaster response, water and food, jobs and economic growth, and urbanisation.




Be part of the team for Ecofest Kaipatiki a 10-day festival of eco-events involving community and restoration groups

Ecofest Kaipatiki is a 10 day festival of eco-events.

Kaipatiki event


Involving community organisations and restoration groups around Kaipatiki – this festival is supported by Kaipatiki Local Board.

Our next newsletter will have all the details – meantime check the website, we will be adding to the events calendar in the coming weeks.

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BACS Surveys

BACS Surveys

BACS is partnered with Horizon Research, a national organisation that compiles and reports major surveys. The Stanley East Company completes small and direct surveys for BACS to discover more about corporate social responsiblity in New Zealand.

Horizon Research: BACS Partner and Board of Trustees.

Horizon Research has provided a significant survey for BACS to develop strategy and has completed surveys for a number of BACS members. Horizon Research can work with you with their valuable analysis and strategy advice by a senior team which aims to give you market leadership. The team has extensive experience in market research, marketing, policy and product development and communications.

The Stanley East Company: BACS Partner and has billeted BACS since inception.

The Stanley East Company has completed a number of surveys over the past five years in New Zealand to garner information on the corporate social responsibility scene. These include flash surveys, dipstick surveys and to collect data for the BACS Good Business Eggs. Some examples below over the past five years of checking on business in New Zealand.

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