BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2016 Short List announced


BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2016 Short List announced

This year the BACS Good Business Egg Awards has been more fiercely fought than before, as New Zealand companies become stronger contenders in corporate social responsibility than in previous years.

“Better reporting on what companies are doing in this arena and improved messaging on what matters for our communities seem to be a theme this year” says Julie Donvin-Irons BACS Founder and CEO.

The 2016 short list comprises of 16 NZ businesses considered to be worthy of winning a Good Business Egg. Experienced community leaders make up the judging panels and it is they that make the final decision as to who will win.

Last year a kokako egg was presented as a BACS Living Award to each of the three winning businesses; Deloitte, Fonterra and The Warehouse. Each of the birds were then gifted with names and each business is kept up to date with where the birds are by Forest and Bird.

This year there is a surprise for the winners, as they will each receive another special, unique and endangered ‘award’ to demonstrate their responsibility and will be invited to report back the following year.

There were 85 businesses considered for the awards and each one was processed carefully until the last 16 were allocated into the three categories in the BACS Good Business Egg Awards, health and wellbeing, education and skills and community empowerment for the final judging.

The awards will be presented at The Warehouse Corporate Office in Auckland by three community leaders; Women’s Refuge, Father and Child Trust and OUTLine, who provides confidential and self-affirming GLBT telephone support and face to face counselling.

There will be a report on the findings of the 2015 BACS Good Business Eggs with a foreward by BACS Global Ambassador Dame Julia Cleverdon and comments from the panels included.

The popular event is now in its fourth year and provides opportunities for both community organisations and businesses to meet in the same space and experience the exhilaration of the Cadbury crème egg scramble at the end of the presentations. The BACS Good Business Egg awards are sponsored by The Stanley East Company and supported by Cadbury.

The 2016 shortlist includes (in alphabetical order): ANZ, ASB, Bell Gully, Contact Energy, Countdown, CQHotels Wellington, DB Breweries, Fonterra, Genesis, IBM, KPMG, New Zealand Rugby, Spark, Vodafone, The Warehouse, Westpac.

BACS is a membership organisation made up of businesses and charities that care about people sustainability. Through BACS providing opportunities to make meaningful connections ensures information, skills and wisdom can be shared equitably throughout New Zealand.