When Fonterra farmers heard they had won a Good Business Egg the room was filled with exuberance

Fonterra farmers surprised and delighted with winning the BACS Good Business Egg for Health at the CQ Hotels in Wellington.                                                                                                 
Fonterra winners

Kerry Walker, Allen Cottle, Richard Syme, Tim Wilson accept their award at the BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2015.

Comments from the community leader panel said of the Fonterra Milk for Schools Programme.
  • “Massive effort with what appears to be a very simple programme but hugely effective – WELL DONE!”
  • “I like the way that Fonterra have chosen to get involved in a controversial issue. Nutrition in schools is a hot topic, and many companies backed away from involvement a few years ago due to the controversial topic.”
  • “I’m glad a large New Zealand company has shown leadership and a long-term commitment to this challenge.”