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BACS is a trusted partner in facilitating the sharing of skills, knowledge, resources and wisdom between community organisations and businesses to tackle issues in New Zealand society to better enable communities to thrive.

We help our community members to increase their effectiveness.

We help our business members make decisions on how to best invest in their communities.

Join us as a business or community member or as a BACS partner, and become part of this growing resource for New Zealand.

BACS Community Member YWCA Auckland presents the Equal Pay Speaking Series 2017.

Business News

  • The BACS Report 2017

    Some of the BACS Panelist quotes: "Spark programmes seem to cut through the flotsam and jetsum with well designed programmes.” “Fonterra Breakfasts programmes are a huge investment in the future of Kiwis but also has implications for shared and unexpected community benefits. Schools are becoming hubs or a focus for community conversations, intergenerational conversations and social connection." And “CQ Hotels Wellington have social responsibility in their genes, The focus on making all customers feel included, cared for and welcome is commendable. This is not a branding exercise but a way of being for the leadership and therefore the staff they employ.” Read more

Community News

BACS Champions and Supporters

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BACS Social Index Top 10 Businesses

9 The Warehouse
9 Fonterra
8 Contact Energy
8 Countdown
8 CQ Hotels Wellington
8 Deloitte
7 New Zealand Rugby
7 Auckland Airport
Scores are out of 10 points. Read further information on the BACS Resources page.