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“We care about people sustainability”

Kia Ora

BACS is a trusted partner in facilitating the sharing of skills, knowledge, resources and wisdom between community organisations and businesses to tackle issues in New Zealand society to better enable communities to thrive.

We help our community members to increase their effectiveness.

We help our business members make decisions on how to best invest in their communities.

Join us as a business or community member or as a BACS partner, and become part of this growing resource for New Zealand.

Our partner Film for Change came along to the BACS Good Business Egg Awards at ANZ in Wellington. We connect business and communities in a different way!

Business News

  • 'BACS 2018 The Business of Sharing' by our chair Heather Newell

    "BACS is here to recognise the corporates who believe that corporate social responsibility is a vital part of running a successful business and a key driver of a healthy economy. AND to demonstrate that our society is a better place to live, if corporates and the charitable sector work together to resolve issues and challenges. To explain to our non- members and readers, BACS stands for Business and Community Shares. Perhaps the most important letter in that is S for Shares, for sharing." Read more

Community News

  • COMMUNITY! … Tell us which businesses are the good guys?

    "Since 2013 you have given us names of businesses that are doing their social responsibility well in New Zealand. We keep a listing of 100 NZ businesses and we now need some new names to put into our kete to see who will be realised as good examples for the BACS Good Business Egg Awards 2018. As our global BACS ambassador Dame Julia Cleverdon says “name and fame” that way the level of social activity will be improved and become more meaningful for us all." Read more

BACS Champions and Supporters

  • YWCA Auckland
  • Stanley East
  • Parkinson's
  • Heineken
  • Outline
  • Barnados
  • Fonterra
  • ANZ
  • http://www.kpmg.com/nz/en/pages/default.aspx/
  • The Warehouse
  • Hotel Wellington
  • Horizon Poll
  • Countdown
  • ACK
  • IBM
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • CASA
  • Foresee
  • Film for Change
  • Akina
  • Age Concern
  • Broadspectrum
  • Women's Refuge
  • GoodCompany NZ

BACS Social Index 2017-18
Top 18 New Zealand Businesses

10 Countdown
9 ANZ, KPMG, The Warehouse
8 Contact Energy, CQ Hotels Wellington,
7 Auckland Airport, Bell Gully, Fonterra, Genesis Energy,
6 IBM, Spark, TSB
5 Annah Stretton, ASB, DB Breweries, Deloitte, Noel Leeming